CROSO Graduates

Graduate Spotlight:

Aweet Winnie

CROSO Scholar: 2014-2017

Program of Study: Bachelor's Degree, Development Studies
School: Uganda Christian University - Mbale Campus

Winnie completed her studies in 2017 and was eager to put her Development Studies skills to work. After seeking employment at several different local NGOs, she found herself at Youth With a Covenant Vision, an NGO based in Mbale that serves vulnerable populations. She began in a volunteer capacity and was then hired as their Program Manager. Her main focus is working with youth ages 15-24. More recently, she has been engaging them with small businesses for self reliance and independence. In addition to the work she is doing in the community, Winnie is also the proud mother of twin girls.

We are so proud to see our CROSO Graduates creating positive change not only in their own lives, but also the lives of their families and their communities.


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