Shibolo Awali

2017 Awali.JPG

awali’s history

Shibolo Awali is the third child of a large family. Awali’s mother died from complications of HIV and the father is unable to work due to health reasons. With the lack of food and basic necessities at home, Awali withdrew from school and took to the streets. Life on the streets was quite harsh for Awali and he shares that his life was saved by the C.R.O. staff. During secondary school, Awali received certificates for being Assistant Headboy and recognition for being an outstanding speaker during school debating competitions. Awali’s gift for words is apparent in his written essays.

Awali is described as organized, disciplined, honest, hardworking and social. His teachers clearly think highly of him and his leadership skills and it was very obvious that the staff at C.R.O. trust him immensely.

Awali’s croso scholarship

Awali is now studying law at Islamic University In Uganda and his career goal is to be a children’s legal advocate. It is obvious that the dangers and experiences that Awali faced on the streets are his motivation for a career in the legal field.