CROSO Board and Staff

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CROSO's Board of Directors

These individuals passionately dedicate themselves to CROSO's mission. Board members are all volunteers and each serves on at least one committee. We are so grateful for the commitment and support of these board members!




Molly MacCready

Executive Director & Founder

Molly's desire to create CROSO stemmed from her study abroad experience in Uganda in 2006 where she had the opportunity to work with the street children's NGO, Child Restoration Outreach (C.R.O.). Molly went on to receive her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Dayton in 2008 and served for two years as a Marianist Volunteer in Karonga, Malawi. When she returned to the States, she pursued a master's degree in Public Health and graduated from the University of Illinois - Chicago in 2013.

She is grateful to have the support of such a talented and dedicated Board of Directors and looks forward to the continued development of CROSO. Molly is grateful to see the growth of the scholarship program and the impact that access to higher education has had on each scholar, our partner organization (C.R.O.), and the larger Ugandan community.


Past Board Members

We are very grateful for the service of those who have been on our board in the past. We would not be where we are today as an organization without them.

Tom Bertsche
Board Member: 2012-2016

Cathy Chester
Board Member: 2007-2012

Julie Collins
Board Member: 2007-2013

Margaret Feit Clarke
Board Member: 2007-2012

Marion Flynn
Board Member: 2007-2015


Bob Heineman
Board Member: 2007-2011

Eileen Hogan Heineman
Board Member: 2007-2014

Lisa Hyatt
Board Member: 2010-2017

Edward Kasule
Board Member: 2013-2014

Allen Kakooza
Board Member: 2013-2015

David Matanda
Board Member: 2015-2017

Margaret McClory
Board Member: 2007-2012

Tina Nolan
Board Member: 2014-2017

Sally Ryan
Board Member: 2010-2018

Omar Salem
Board Member: 2012-2017