CROSO Videos

CROSO Graduate Impacts Community

This video, created by Media 256 in Uganda, features CROSO graduate Sam Edweo. Sam shares how having access to higher education through the CROSO Scholarship has given him the ability to start a business, give back to his community, and make a substantial difference in the lives of others.


Stella Graduates!

Atukuri Stella graduated on Friday, July 28, 2017 from Uganda Christian University. She has been a CROSO Scholar from 2014-2017 and now has her bachelor's degree in social work and social administration. 

In this video, Stella shares her appreciation for CROSO and the donors that have enabled her to complete higher education in Uganda. Her final year was completely funded by 39 donors through a crowd funding campaign.

Winnie's Story

This video made in September 2016 was shared at CROSO's Annual Benefit. Winnie is a CROSO Scholar who is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Development Studies. She shares her personal story of what led her to the streets, how she was found and supported by C.R.O. and what her alternatives would be if she did not have CROSO's support.



Future Leaders of Uganda

CROSO Scholars share their hopes for the kind of work they'd like to do after graduation. This video also features younger C.R.O. youth singing a song that is particularly applicable to CROSO's mission. It recognizes the importance of investing in the children of today for the future of tomorrow.

Otukei Godfrey Francis' Story

This video was originally created for a contest in 2013. While it's a few years old, the content is still quite relevant. Francis shares what originally led him to the streets and to C.R.O. as well as what the CROSO Scholarship has meant to him.