Ariong Gabriel

Gabriel was a CROSO Scholar from 2013-2018, while he pursued his diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health.

Early Life:
The story Ariong Gabriel writes of his childhood helps us recognize the importance of C.R.O. As a five-year old, Ariong Gabriel came home to an empty house, and he knew his mother who had been abandoned by his father, was gone. He migrated to the streets, and he and his peers would carry rubbish from shops to earn a little money. C.R.O. found him on the street a year later, and from that time on, they supported his rehabilitation, parented and advised him, and he progressed through primary and secondary school. Gabriel helps Nurse Esther at the C.R.O. clinic in his free time. (See photo of him helping distribute medicines to younger C.R.O. children under the nurse’s watchful eyes.)

Looking ahead, Ariong Gabriel hoped to get a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health, and eventually treat the people in his community. Gabriel sees his strengths as being one who has care and respect for others. “I get concerned with what happens to my friends, especially the needy, and always try to help them wherever possible.” At CRO, he was seen as a “peer leader and educator” by his teachers.

University Life:
Gabriel was chosen for the CROSO Scholarship in 2013. With CROSO's support, he was able to begin his studies at Medicare Professionals College in Kampala. Gabriel completed his academic programs in June of 2018. He is awaiting his official graduation in November or December of 2018.