Kakungulu Ibrahimovic



Ibra was raised in a family where he was the youngest of three boys. His mother owned a bar, which is where she met his father. Ibra’s mother contracted HIV, and not long after, Ibra’s father also contracted the virus and died. Ibra’s mother was able to seek medical treatment through The AIDS Support Organization, but as time went on, she fell more and more ill. Eventually, she had to shut down the bar and it became too difficult to care for all three kids. They all went their separate ways, Ibra taking to the streets for food and funds to attend school. At eight years old, C.R.O social workers found him sifting through the dumpster and invited him back to C.R.O. He happily obliged.

In 2009, Ibra’s mother passed away which was devastating, but he preserved with the continued support of C.R.O. He knew how important his education was and did not want to miss out on the chance to keep learning. As someone who loves to sing, you would find Ibra in the Music, Dance, and Drama Club. He was also a part of the football team and actively participated in Radio Talk Shows which support child rights. Not to mention, he also took the extra time to peer counsel the other children if they needed support. At his secondary school, Ibra was the Chairperson of the Debate Club and spent his free time supervising the younger student’s debates.


When Ibra first applied for the CROSO scholarship, he did not think his chances of being selected were high. The day he got the call in 2016 from a C.R.O. social worker telling him the news of his selection, he was so overjoyed he exclaimed, “Thank you, Jesus!” in the middle of a supermarket. In Ibra’s words, CROSO has provided him with his “true destiny.” Ibra is now at Makerere University Business School in Kampala, where he studies transport and logistics management. He is dedicated to his studies so that he can get a “first class degree” to pave the way for his future profession. Ibra is grateful for the title his degree will give him, which will allow him to be competitive in the professional realm.

 Ibra completed his studies in May 2019 and is expected to graduate with his bachelor's degree in January 2020.