Ejiet Moses

Moses was first taken on as a CROSO scholar in 2009 and finished in 2011. He completed his studies at Ngora Hospital’s School of Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing. In a country ranked among the highest for maternal mortality rates and infant mortality rates, Moses desire to “save lives and help the needy” are definitely well matched with his nursing certificate, with a specialization in midwifery. His academic experience combined theoretical learning in the classroom as well as an internship experience in Amuria district for more practical application.

During the 2013 CROSO trip to Uganda, board members met with Ejiet Moses and learned that he had been working for the past seven months at Busia District Hospital.


Moses re-applied for the CROSO scholarship in 2015 because his current qualifications were getting phased out. He was accepted as a new CROSO Scholar in 2015 and is now pursuing a diploma in Clinical Medicine at St. Elizabeth’s. He is expected to graduate in 2018.