Kateme Mercy

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mercy’s history

Born in Ngora District, Mercy was raised with many hardships. As a young infant, her father passed away, and then, just a few years later her mother passed away too. Her mother’s sister took her in, but was unable to care for her properly, as she was unemployed. Mercy resorted to the streets, selling coal for herself and her aunt. While on the streets, one of the peer educators at C.R.O approached Mercy and told her the wonderful opportunities that C.R.O. could offer her.

Since joining C.R.O. life was promising for Mercy and her aunt. She was able to nurture her love of reading, making friends and providing them a listening ear. She kept active through C.R.O. netball and enthusiastically sang in their choir.She also shined at school as the Class Representative and Assistant Dormitory Captain at her secondary school. She even found time to be secretary to the guidance counselor, Library Maintenance Prefect, and Mathematics coordinator! Her teachers admired her passion for learning and love how she led group discussions and quickly sought out help if she needed it.

Mercy’s CROSO Scholarship

Mercy has a dream of becoming one of the few female engineers found in her country. As a new CROSO Scholar, Mercy is now pursuing her Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering at Kyambogo University.