Baraza Stephen

Baraza Stephen.jpg

Stephen’s History

At a young age, Stephen and his five siblings were sent to the streets after their single mother could no longer manage to care for them. The children resorted to finding and selling scrap metal as a means for survival. During this time, Stephen was approached by C.R.O. social workers and invited to leave the streets. Stephen hasn’t looked back to the streets since. He was able to live in Namatala with his young brothers, and with C.R.O.’s help, he was able to thrive in school.

At C.R.O., Stephen found and nourished his enthusiasm for music and drama. Through his music and radio talk shows at C.R.O., he became an advocate for children’s rights and was even able to participate in the drama club. His leadership skills showed through his positions as Chairperson to the Scripture Union Club and as a Peer Educator at C.R.O. His quick wit and passion for fighting for justice developed through debate club, which he will be able to carry into his future career. His friends and teachers would describe him as hardworking, creative, courageous, and disciplined -- after all, he did win “Most Disciplined Student.”

Stephen’s CROSO Scholarship

As a new CROSO scholar, Stephen is now able to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. Through childhood, he was surrounded by corruption found in his country, and wants to use his newfound education to promote justice throughout. Stephen is now pursuing a Bachelor’s of Law at Islamic University in Uganda in Mbale.