Otukei Godfrey Francis

Francis’ history

Francis was one of the first children at C.R.O., which started in 1992. Francis initially started as a CROSO scholar at Jinja School of Medicine where he received a Certificate in Laboratory Disease Diagnosis as a Laboratory Assistant. He chose to continue his studies by pursuing a diploma in Clinical Medicine at Kampala International University, which he received on December 17, 2013.

Francis is now pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from Kampala International University, which he started in the fall of 2016. His hopes for the future are that he will be able to set up a clinic to offer affordable medical services to people in his community.

His message to CROSO Supporters:

I as Otukei Godfrey Francis would like to extend my sincere thanks to the supporters of CROSO. I am very grateful for the support rendered to me and I promise to work hard to see that I succeed in my course so that I can also help others despite the challenges that I am going through.