Nalwoga Brenda

Brenda is one of 12 children and is the second-born sister. As a result, she was responsible for helping to support her siblings when there wasn't enough for everyone at home. "The reason as to why I came to the street was to look for food for my sisters because we had nobody to support us." While on the street, Brenda worked at a shop stall and with her payments, she was able to purchase food for her family. One day, her employer refused to pay her and when Brenda demanded her rightful pay, she was met with phyiscal violence.

Luckily, C.R.O. social workers were walking by at that moment and saw the whole scene. They approached Brenda and invited her back to C.R.O. After completing the C.R.O. rehabilitation year, Brenda rejoined primary school and went on to secondary school. In secondary school, Brenda was elected as Assistant Head Girl and also participated on the netball team and in music.

Her true passion, however, was for nursing. As soon as she graduated, Brenda enrolled in a nursing certificate program. After completing that program, she began to work in a hospital and saved her money to continue her education. She was able to support herself through the first year of her diploma program, but then she ran out of funds. Without any other options, she applied to CROSO for a scholarship in 2017.

Brenda was accepted as a new scholar completed her diploma in midwifery at the Mbale School of Nursing and Midwifery. She then re-applied for the CROSO Scholarship in 2018 and was again accepted. She is now pursuing her bachelor's degree in nursing at Victoria University in Kampala. Brenda is passionate about changing the health outcomes for infants and mothers in her community and believes that midwifery is the best path to make an impact.