2017 CROSO Uganda Trip

Written by Molly MacCready, CROSO's Executive Director

For a few years now, Margy Roberts (one of our long-time CROSO Board Members) and her husband, Randy Roberts, have been interested in planning a trip to Uganda. Having accepted our largest number of new scholars in July, the timing felt right to visit this fall. Thanks to a generous donation covering the flights, hotels and food expenses for me, I was able to join the Roberts on their visit to Uganda from November 1st to November 16th this year!


The three of us were able to meet all our goals of spending time with every CROSO Scholar, seeing most of the graduates, visiting several Ugandan universities, and meeting with our partners at C.R.O. As you can see in our infographic on the right, we were able to cover a lot of ground! To clarify, these numbers a bit--

  1. The three of us were able to visit 8 universities out of the total 16 where we currently have scholars studying.
  2. We had the chance to meet up with 16 of our total 19 graduates! Some of these graduates, we haven't seen in over five years, so there were some great reunions that occurred.
  3. We were able to visit all 20 of our current CROSO Scholars!

In addition to this infographic, we have compiled all of our daily Facebook posts from the trip into an easy to read PDF. If you weren't able to follow along on our trip (or you missed a day or two), I'd really encourage you to click here now to see the full trip report.

If you'd like to hear more about the trip, would like to talk about possibly going on a future trip to visit our scholars or would like to donate airline miles, please contact us! My email address is Molly@CROSO.org and I'd love to hear from you!