CROSO has a new Board President!

After serving as our CROSO Board President for the past 1.5 years, Lisa Hyatt stepped down in order to focus more of her energy on her growing family. We are thrilled to announce that Beth Garstki will fill this role moving forward. Below is her letter to the CROSO community.

Dear CROSO Community,

     I am both excited and humbled to step into the role of interim President of CROSO. While I recognize the value of my 5 years of work as Treasurer, I have often felt that I could contribute more, and in different ways, to the growth of CROSO. Ever since I visited Uganda in 2013 and met our scholars in person, I knew that CROSO would end up a huge part of my life – and to me, stepping up to fill the role of President seems a natural next step.

     Over the years CROSO has evolved from a mom-and-pop (quite literally!) organization to an organization run by excellent Board members and committees of volunteers who put their hearts into the work they do. I am honored to continue helping CROSO grow and look forward to guiding our organization through the transition of our Executive Director to a full-time role, which was effective July 1st.

     I am grateful to the other members of the Board for inevitable needed as we head into operating as an organization in transition, and for my predecessor Lisa Hyatt’s invaluable contributions to CROSO over the years. She is leaving big shoes to fill and I will do my best to live up to the excellent standards set by our extraordinary past presidents.

     I am grateful for our CROSO Scholars, who make it really easy to want to step into this role to help them achieve their goals and make positive change in their communities.

     Lastly, I am grateful to all of our supporters and members of the CROSO Community across the world. CROSO is changing lives, and your support makes that possible.

     Thank you,
     Beth Garstki
     CROSO President