Wegumba Eric

eric’s history

Eric grew up in a very large family of nineteen children. His parents divorced when he was only two, leaving him with his father and new step-mother. Both became abusive by overworking Eric, beating him, and denying him food. This became too much to bear and Eric left for the streets of Mbale -- at least there he felt more at peace. Life was still rough on the streets, but thankfully C.R.O. found Eric and invited him to join their program.

Eric blossomed at C.R.O. He was an active member at C.R.O., playing basketball, supervising the children at lunch, and advocating for their rights on the local radio talk show. As the Chairman of the Peer Educator Club, Eric was responsible for reaching out to the children on the street, organizing exchange visits, community clean-up, and much more. Eric also held a few leadership positions in secondary school. He served as one of the football captains for his school’s inter-house competition and was the Secretary of the Scripture Union Club!

Eric’s croso scholarship

Eric balances his gifts in leadership and academics as he studies for his degree in engineering, an aspiration he’s nurtured since childhood. Eric became a CROSO Scholar in 2015 and is pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering at Ndejje University. During his academic experience, he had the opportunity to intern with multiple construction companies focusing on different areas -- road construction, building construction, etc., which only strengthened his appetite for engineering.Eric is now in his fourth year and will graduate in 2019. He plans to become a “great and unique” engineer who will make sustainable structures in Uganda, thereby changing the face of engineering.