Walufu Titus

Titus’ History

Titus has been independent and hard working from an early age.  After his father passed away from HIV/AIDS in 2001, Titus continued to stay with his mother, but she was unable to provide for him.  In 2004, Titus made a calculated decision to join the streets and immediately began working hard to support himself.  On his application he shared a laundry list of tasks he performed while living on the streets including cleaning houses, sorting nuts, and carrying water or luggage for people in town.  When C.R.O. found him on the streets and offered him the chance at continuing his education, he eagerly accepted and was resettled with his mom as he continued his education for the next eight years. Titus’ involvement at C.R.O. included choir, peer education, helping on the farm and is a clear leader among C.R.O. children.

Titus’ CROSO Scholarship

Titus completed his first CROSO Scholarship from 2013-2015. He attended Uganda Technical School in Sironko District and graduated with a National Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering.  When board members met him in August 2013, Titus stood out for his positive attitude and clear leadership skills within C.R.O. When he spoke to CROSO’s Executive Director after his graduation in 2016, he expressed extreme joy, pride and gratitude for all the support of the CROSO Scholarship! After completing his diploma, Titus worked for China Wu Yi Limited, a road construction company in Kampala. He was the assistant to the Main Surveyor and is very grateful to be gaining more experience.

Titus then re-applied for the CROSO Scholarship in 2017 and was accepted. He is now pursuing his bachelor's degree in Civil and Building Engineering at Kyambogo University and is expected to graduate in 2021.