Opio Denis

Denis’ background

When the HIV epidemic was rampant in Uganda, a few of Denis’ family members contracted the virus and passed away. After his father and two of his eight siblings died, Dennis moved to Soroti with his mother. While there, the Lord’s Resistance Army was nearing, so Denis and his family moved to Mbale to safely live with ( step-mother) and other sisters. Unfortunately, there were now too many people to take care of, forcing Denis onto the streets to sell charcoal, scrap metal, and wash dishes at the local hotels for his family.

In 2004, Denis met with social workers from C.R.O. and was supported to go back to school through them. Through the end of secondary school, he lived with his mother in Mbale, volunteering as a member of the outreach team at C.R.O. While there, he actively participated in volleyball, football, and as his Class’s Captain. When he’s not helping supervise lunch, he is working at the C.R.O. stationary shop as part of an income generating project to raise funds for the children at C.R.O. With a seemingly full schedule, Denis was able to still thrive as a Red Cross volunteer, taking and testing children’s blood for any diseases or viruses. It’s clear to see why his friends and teachers would call him a hard worker and admire his initiative.

denis’ crosos scholarship

Denis is now studying to become a medical laboratory technician at St. Elizabeth Institute of Health Professionals. He is looking forward to helping improve the health of his country.