Mutesi Lydia

Lydia’s history

Lydia has lived with her eldest sister for as long as she can remember. Any memories of her mother or father come from stories. As a very young child, Lydia, her mother, and three siblings were kicked out of their home and forced to find shelter in a church. For money, Lydia’s mother would find charcoal to sell, while her elder sister washed clothes and fetched water for the people of the church. Lydia’s mother began to fall ill, and without access to medication, she passed away. Following her mother’s death, Lydia’s sister was in charge of Lydia and her two brothers. It became hard to care for them all, and her brothers ran away. Lydia still needed to bring in food and money, so she too went to the streets to find charcoal for her sister. After two and a half years, C.R.O. found Lydia and she immediately accepted their offer to receive support from them.

At C.R.O., Lydia became a leader as the captain of the girls football team, as well as her secondary school’s team. She thrived as a captain and even became her school’s Sports Prefect. Lydia’s leadership went beyond the football pitch. She was also the Chairperson for the International Inspirations Club at school, volunteered as a peer educator at C.R.O., and even took initiative to start academic group discussions for her history class when no clubs or groups existed. She also loved to sing and dance which showed in her passion for the C.R.O. choir.

Lydia’s croso scholarship

Lydia began her university career as a CROSO Scholar in 2017. She is working hard toward her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Governance at Uganda Christian University in Mukono. With C.R.O. and CROSO’s help, Lydia says, “I am now focused and I am really working to see my dreams come true.”