Lotimong Esther

Esther’s history

In the Napak district, Esther and her family were greatly affected by the HIV epidemic that hit Uganda. Her father and three siblings passed away when she was very young, leaving her mother to raise seven children alone. Unfortunately, her mother could not work as she contracted the virus as well. While on the streets searching for coal and rotten food, C.R.O. members spotted Esther. At first, she was frightened as many street children are usually abused by the adults they encounter on the streets. By the third time C.R.O social workers came around, Esther trusted them and decided to go back to C.R.O. While she still stayed with her mother and sisters, she and one of her older sisters were financially responsible for taking care of the family.

Esther cannot thank C.R.O. enough. She states, “C.R.O. made me a reformed person.” She gave back to the community by being an active volunteer on the farm as a crop cultivator and by helping in the nurse’s clinic -- offering to do house-calls if needed. Esther understands the importance of education and encouraged her fellow students to work hard and stay in school. She was also active by participating in sports, music, dance, and drama. Esther is a lively and compassionate woman who shares kindness and laughter easily with others.

Esther’s croso scholarship

Esther began as a CROSO Scholar in 2012 and finished her studies at Soroti School of Comprehensive Nursing in December 2013. When board members visited her at her campus in August of 2013, they witnessed how popular she was both at school and at the hospital where she has completed her internships. It is clear that she is hard-working and very dedicated to her craft of nursing.

 After graduating with her diploma, Esther reapplied for the CROSO Scholarship to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Midwifery which she is now pursuing at Gulu University’s Lira campus. Esther is expected to graduate in 2019. We are proud to be supporting such a promising future nurse!