Korobe Andrew

andrew’s history

Andrew began telling his personal story in his application by writing, “We went to the streets every day until I became as permanent as the streets.”  Luckily, the C.R.O. social workers reached out to him at a fairly young age, and he was no longer a permanent resident of the streets.  

For the past ten years, C.R.O. has been able to help Andrew be a very successful student who was also involved in many activities.  He was an admired leader in his peer education program and in the Rotary Interact Club at school.  There were times when C.R.O. did not have fees for his secondary school, and Andrew waited through those months by spending time at the center, serving the programs for the younger students, and returned to school as soon as he was able.  Andrew has been watching the management and leadership of Bwayo Moses, and he wants to emulate some of the effective ways he has seen him direct the program at C.R.O. in his future professional life.  

andrew’s croso scholarship

In 2017, Andrew was accepted for the CROSO scholarship and began his studies in Social and Community Development at Kampala International University.  We are proud to be able to sponsor this resilient young man to train for a vocation and career that seem very appropriate for his character and his abilities. Andrew is expected to graduate in 2020.