Kakungulu Ibrahimovic

Before CROSO, Kakungulu Ibrahimovic had lost hope of pursuing higher education. When he applied for the CROSO scholarship, he did not think his chances of being selected were high. The day he got the call in 2016 from a C.R.O. social worker telling him the news of his selection, he was so overjoyed that he exclaimed, “Thank you, Jesus!” in the middle of a supermarket. In Ibra’s words, CROSO has provided him with his true destiny.

Ibra is now at Makerere University Business School, where he studies transport and logistics management. He is dedicated to his studies so that he can get a “first class degree” to pave the way for his future profession. Ibra is grateful for the title his degree will give him, which will allow him to be competitive in the professional realm.

Ibra is an example of a positive change agent in his community. He wants to use his opportunities to give back, saying, “I see that CROSO is doing good to me, but what can I do good for CROSO?” He is especially thankful for CROSO’s supporters, since he would not be where he is today without their generosity and support.

Ibra is expected to graduate with his bachelor's degree in 2019.