Ilukol Vicky

vicky’s history

Ilukol Vicky and her family migrated from Moroto to Mbale because of a famine that impoverished them.  Her family of eight children and two parents took up residence in the Namatala slum district of Mbale, but with no work for the parents, she was forced to the street at a very young age to find ways to earn tiny sums of money to help support the family.  In the next year, C.R.O. invited her to accept their support. For the past fifteen years, CRO has helped her through primary and secondary school where she was able to reach a level of success that made a University education a hope and a possibility.  

As Vicky grew, so did her love of song and sports. She is a leader in both areas, singing solos in her choir, and supporting her team as captain in Netball, and her team that has won trophies at both district and regional level. As this resilient young woman completed secondary school, her vocation of becoming a teacher became more clear to her. Vicky believes that by  becoming a teaching, she can support other less advantaged children to reach their goals as she has been able to do.  

vicky’s croso scholarship

Vicky was accepted as a new CROSO Scholar in 2017 and began her bachelor of education program at Ugandan Christian University. She expects to graduate in 2020 and will begin her career as a "professional teacher" as she wrote in her application.