Gidudu Derrick

Derrick’s History

Derrick, like many of CROSO’s scholars, was raised in difficult circumstances. Derricks’ father passed away before he was born, and at a young age he experienced the loss of 5 of his 13 siblings. Derrick’s mother struggled with supporting all of the children on her own and sent Derrick and his brothers and sisters out to the streets to find and sell coal. Over the years, this became too much for Derrick to bear. He chose to run away from home to live on the streets. Fortunately, nine months later, C.R.O. came into his life and he was supported by them to return to school.

With C.R.O., Derrick was able to nurture many of his natural talents and interests. He became involved in C.R.O.’s music, dance, and drama club, and participated in soccer, acrobatics, and volleyball. During school, he became the chairperson for the Catholic student community and treasurer of the school’s Entrepreneurship Club. Derrick also flourished in Scripture Union Club, Red Cross Club, and choir. His friends would describe him as a great leader and responsible. In 2016, a friend of his needed money for his exams. Derrick and other students decided to take action. They went around the school and were able to raise the money their friend needed.

Derrick’s CROSO Scholarship

Derrick is now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business with Education at Kyambogo University.