Dimokoli Sam

Dimokol Sam.jpg

Sam’s History

In the city of Mbale, Sam was raised in a polygamous family that consisted of ten other children. Growing up, his father owned a business which allowed the children to attend school. Unfortunately the business burned down and his family lost everything. It became very difficult to raise such a large family, which sent the children to the streets on their own. In order to survive, Sam collected and sold scrap metal. He felt alone and that no one cared for him anymore. Fortunately, C.R.O. found Sam in 2007 and he has been with them ever since.

Through C.R.O., Sam was connected back with his mother and stayed with her in Mbale when he returned to primary and secondary school. Sam was able to nurture his love for reading, football, and adventures. At C.R.O, Sam thrived as the leader of both the Guiding and Counselling Committee. He gave back to his school community as a class counselor who was in charge of maintaining a clean classroom and recording the daily lessons. In addition, Sam still found time to be a Coordinator of the Wildlife Club and the Volunteer’s Club! As a born leader, Sam took charge in maintaining, serving, and picking up after the young children at C.R.O.’s yearly Christmas party. Throughout his time at C.R.O., he used his past experience of dropping out of school to encourage other children to stay persistent in their studies.

Sam’s Croso scholarship

Growing up in his father’s business made Sam appreciate the field, leading him to pursue a career in business administration. He desires to be as successful as his mentors one day. Sam is now pursuing his Bachelor’s of Business Computing degree at Makerere University Business School.