Afaani Adam

Adam’s History

Like many of our Scholars, Adam faced many challenges in his younger years. His parents divorced when he was still very young and Adam stayed with his father. When Adam was 5, his father passed away, so Adam and his 6 siblings (Adam is second youngest) were taken in by their aunt. Their aunt didn’t have the means to support all of them, so she forced Adam’s older sisters into early marriages and she ended up being abusive to the younger kids. After three years of this, Adam ran away in hopes of finding his mom. While he was able to find her in a slum area of Mbale, he only stayed with her for a year or two before she abandoned him and he was forced to live on the streets to survive. It was then that C.R.O. found him and helped him re-enroll in school.

With C.R.O.’s support, Adam was reunited with some of his siblings and was able to focus his energy on his studies. Adam became a clear leader both at C.R.O. and at his school. In high school, Adam participated in student politics, debate, and was a Deputy Prefect of Games and Sports before becoming the Head Prefect for Health. Through C.R.O., Adam was a peer educator and participated in the Spark Management Program, where he helped start and run a stationary store at C.R.O. Through the store, he began using his creativity and artistic skills to explore graphic design more.

Adam’s CROSO Scholarship

Afaani Adam was accepted as a new CROSO Scholar in 2016!

He is pursuing his bachelor degree in Graphic Communication Design from Nkumba University in Entebbe, Uganda. He is determined to become a graphic designer and is so excited to be supplementing his natural talent with academic reinforcement. With the CROSO Scholarship, Adam began his studies in the fall of 2016 and is doing very well.