Wokwaba Brian

Brian’s History

Like many other CROSO scholars, Brian had a difficult childhood, weighed down with responsibilities far beyond his years. His father left when Brian was quite young and two of his four siblings also passed away. Facing the overwhelming task of caring for three children as a single mother, Brian’s mother also decided to abandon the family. Brian and his siblings remained in their home until they were kicked out by the men who purchased the house. They tried to scrape enough money together for a rental, but were only able to afford one month’s rent, after which Brian and his siblings were kicked to the streets.

From the streets, Brian joined C.R.O. and spent the next eleven years with their support living with his older sister and other sibling. Returning to school, his teachers commended him for being hardworking and disciplined with a strong initiative to seek out extra help if needed. He was also admired by friends, students, and teachers alike for his strong leadership skills as the captain of the C.R.O. football team.

Brian’s CROSO Scholarship

After secondary school, he was accepted to Uganda Christian University, but did not have funds to support him. His sister insisted he enroll and that together they would find ways to cover his expenses. He worked at a coffee farm to help out with the enormous financial responsibility his sister took on. Brian found it sometimes overwhelming to balance work and his studies, but still found time to be the class coordinator for his Human Resource Management class.