Wolimbwa Amos

Amos graduated from Uganda Christian University with his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration on July 3, 2015! To learn more about his history, see his story below.

After remarrying, Amos’ father abandoned him, along with his eight siblings. Amos was forced to leave school and live on the streets for five years before his love of soccer helped him make connections with C.R.O. He and other street children had formed a team and one day they were scheduled to play against C.R.O.’s football team. In his application, he explained that after the game, “I was told to leave the street and join the C.R.O. family.” In 2009, Amos joined C.R.O. and was able to return to school to finish his secondary education.

While completing his secondary education he worked as a soccer coach for younger children and as the student government representative for sports teams.

At 24, Amos is older than most of the scholars supported by CROSO, but he is not letting that deter him from accomplishing his goals and is very grateful to be given a second chance at life. His aspiration is to help people. In order to work towards that, he will earn a degree in Social Work and Social Administration at Uganda Christian University in Mbale, which he started in 2012.