Okolis John

John is from the Bukeda District and is the oldest of six children. Despite the fact that neither of his parents are deceased, John still found himself living on the streets due to extreme poverty. John’s mother divorced his father because of his “over drinking and their lack of funds.” That is when John Bosco went to the streets and became a child worker.

In 2004, John was found by social workers from CRO and joined their programs. They resettled him with his father and siblings and paid for his school fees so that he could return to classes. In his application, he explained that “C.R.O. restored hope in me… [and] transformed my life to become a responsible citizen.”


John graduated in November 2013. He has his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from Uganda Christian University. When board members Beth Lampson (pictured here) and Molly MacCready were visiting in August of 2013, they had the chance to visit his place of employment! John was hired by one of his professor (also pictured here) at a Microfinance Bank in Mbale town. The CROSO Board is very proud of the work John is doing!


Since 2013, John has been promoted to a bank manager position and currently works out of Pallisa town, about an hour outside of Mbale.