Namasobo Lydia

Lydia’s History

Lydia joined C.R.O. in 2000 after she was found picking charcoal on the streets by the social workers. She was forced to go to the streets after her father died because her mother could not afford to support her and her four siblings.

Lydia is so grateful to C.R.O. because they enabled her to have hope in her future again, even when she felt lost. Through CRO’s support, Lydia went back to school, participated in the dance, music, drama and sports clubs at CRO and even helped with some of the younger children’s programs. She continued to live with her mother throughout her time at CRO.

Lydia’s CROSO Scholarship

Lydia became a CROSO Scholar in 2010 after she had already completed her first year of Development Studies at Uganda Christian University. She graduated in 2012 with her bachelor’s degree in Development Studies.


Graduation Day 2012

After the CROSO Scholarship

Lydia currently works part-time for BRAC-Uganda. BRAC is a development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor. In her role, she helps complete interviews with locals to gather data for existing and future programs.

In 2013, Lydia got married and in 2015, she and her husband had a little baby girl.