Nakyeyune Norah

Norah joined C.R.O. in 2007 after she had already finished her primary school. She was quick to pick up the socialization skills that are taught in the C.R.O. rehabilitation class and C.R.O. helped her enroll at the local secondary school. Her C.R.O. teachers describe her as self-motivated, hardworking, ambitious, and very active in campus activities. While at C.R.O., she was also involved in the choir, scripture clubs and is an avid football (American soccer) player.

Norah applied and was accepted to a couple schools. She has chosen to attend Kampala University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She eventually wants to become an accountant. Norah is committed to her education for what it would provide her, her family and her community, but is also aware of the importance of developing talents outside of academics as well. Norah hopes to play football at the university level at Kampala University.


Norah completed her coursework in 2016 and graduated in March of 2017.