Longora John


John’s life began in a loving family with five children and a cousin, but due to war breaking out in North Eastern Uganda, his family was broken up over time with his father joining the military and his mother living in the slums of Mbale. Garbage picking and selling used charcoal brought the family to live in completely poor conditions in a small grass thatched house. C.R.O. offered to help John and other siblings to get into school, but his mother took ill with AIDS, and without his mother, the children were living destitute lives on the street. C.R.O. again counseled John and helped him focus on his schooling and gave him hope.

Prior to starting the CROSO Scholarship, John participated in an exchange program through C.R.O. that took him to Norway for the year. The C.R.O. staff said they missed him and his work with the children when he was away. John has a gift in music, and leads the children at C.R.O. in musical activities. He hopes to continue to be involved at C.R.O. and give back to the people who helped him find his way in life.

John completed a bachelor’s program in Education at Uganda Christian University with the goal of teaching in the arts. As the head of his family, John balanced his educational goals with his family responsibilities. We are proud to have supported this talented and spirited young man as he earned his teaching degree.

John graduated in November of 2017.