Lochole Moses


As the oldest of five children at eight years old, Lochole Moses supported his mother as she tried to find meager ways to support his family after his father left his mother. Because of the distress of providing for five children, Moses and two of his siblings attempted to live with the father and stepmother but were mistreated, and soon his father died of AIDS. Moses took to the streets to try to survive, but was then counseled by social workers from C.R.O. to join their program of rehabilitation and enter formal schooling. Moses has spent thirteen years at C.R.O. As he has grown, Moses developed a love of mathematics, which he soon shared tutoring the younger students at C.R.O. Moses is now ready to pursue professional goals with the support of CROSO.

Described by his teachers as “driven and hardworking,” “honest and faithful,” and one who loves education, Moses entered Ugandan Christian University in September 2014 as a Bachelor’s of Business Administration student with the support of CROSO. He is a confident young man, and he hopes to be able to support his family and contribute to his community in the future using the skills this education will give him.

Moses graduated with his bachelor's degree in November 2017.