Koba George

George joined C.R.O. in 1993. George lived with his grandmother, but when she could no longer provide for him, he went to the streets during the day to provide for himself. On the streets, George carried luggage and other items for people in exchange for money.

When George first joined C.R.O., he was unsure of it, but as time passed, he came to really appreciate it. In addition to providing food and clothing, C.R.O. sent him to primary and secondary school. After secondary school, he was accepted to Makerere Institute of Social Development, but found himself waiting and waiting as C.R.O. tried unsuccessfully to find funding. When Molly Heineman met George during her semester abroad in 2006, his fate was completely up in the air.

George was CROSO’s first scholarship recipient and began school in 2007. He received his certificate in Social Work and Social Administration and went on to pursue a diploma. He is now attending Uganda Christian University to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. George is driven by the goal of helping other street children in the future.

During his vacations from school, George can be found back at C.R.O. helping the children and providing counseling in the social work office. He even chose to complete both of his internships at two C.R.O. sites in Uganda. His clear passion for this work and his continual practice of it at C.R.O. will make him a great candidate for a job once he graduates.


***Update: Koba George graduated on Friday, March 6, 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Uganda Christian University!