Aweet "Winnie" Jacinta

Family difficulties brought Aweet Jacinta (or Winnie, as she prefers to be called) to the streets of Mbale after trying to live with an uncle whose house was over crowded and she was left hungry for days at a time. C.R.O. brought Winnie to their year of rehabilitation, after which she entered primary school and has now successfully finished secondary school. She describes her life at C.R.O. with gratitude, being able to participate in a variety of activities, including football (American soccer) in which she excelled.

Jacinta has enrolled at Uganda Christian University and will focus her studies in Development. She feels responsible to help support her family, and wants to contribute to her community. Winnie is known as an example of patience and honesty, one who is a role model and relates in a sisterly manner with the younger children at C.R.O. All those qualities will support her in her future work.