Atukuri Stella

Atukuri Stella has been with C.R.O. since 1992, two years after her family “ran to Mbale” to try to survive on the streets. She and two of her siblings were cared for by C.R.O. and supported to go through formal school after a year of rehabilitation. The father of the family died in the war, and after the mother died, C.R.O. took on the role of parenting these children. One of Stella’s future goals is to support other street children like herself and help them “realize their good future as originally intended by God.”

Atukuri Stella has chosen to study Social Work and Social Administration at Uganda Christian University in Mbale. Her teachers and counselors admire her resilience in dealing with illness in the course of her development that left her with one leg that is lame. This has not prevented her from being very involved with the younger children at CRO through music, dance and drama. She is proud of winning a singing competition, and we believe her inner spirit will sing resiliently as she progresses through her program of study.