Namuzungu Rehema


Rehema's History

Namuzungu Rehema has shown her independence from a young age. When she was quite little, her parents separated and she and her six siblings lived with her father. Not long after, her father died and so she went in search of her mother. She found her mother in town, but she did not have the means to support all seven children with food, shelter and school fees. Rehema began selling charcoal with her mom to help bring home extra money. It was while she was on the streets selling charcoal that C.R.O. social workers found her and invited her to join C.R.O.

Rehema was supported by C.R.O. though primary and secondary school and she even was supported for a certificate program in nursing. While in this program, Rehema learned that the government would be requiring nurses to all gain at least a diploma level in nursing. Rehema returned to C.R.O. to share this news and ask if they would continue supporting her, but they said they could not. They then informed her of the CROSO Scholarship.

Rehema's CROSO Scholarship

Rehema was accepted as a CROSO Scholar in July of 2016, but due to requirements for her diploma program, had to wait to begin her studies until May of 2017. She is now pursuing her diploma in nursing at Mbale School of Nursing and Midwifery. Her goal is to provide medical services to rural areas that have limited access to quality medical care.

When CROSO staff and board members met Rehema they appreciated her infectious optimism and her ability to easily connect with both visitors and her fellow CROSO Scholars. Rehema shared many stories with the CROSO visitors and her passion and emotional aptitude for work in the field of healthcare was very apparent. In visiting her school, it was also clear that she is well-known and respected by administrators. 

Rehema complete her studies in November 2018 and graduated in 2019.