Muganzi Solomon

Solomon’s childhood story is one filled with emotional and survival stress. Life was not easy for his family after his father left, but it became infinitely harder when his mother died as well. Shortly after that, his sister passed away and that is when the remaining four children went to the streets to fend for themselves. Solomon stayed close to his brother and two sisters, who also get support from C.R.O., and he writes, “We are a child-headed family, and we love ourselves because we have grown as children together.” (See photo of him visiting his younger sister at her boarding school.) C.R.O. supported Solomon in his education through the end of secondary school. In his application for the CROSO Scholarship, he wrote, C.R.O.’s “financial, material, spiritual and advisory support has made me what I am today.”

Solomon applied for the CROSO scholarship in 2012 and was selected as a recipient, but he chose to participate in an exchange program that led him to spend one year in Zambia. While there, he worked with communities to create youth sports leagues. During secondary school, Solomon was always involved in C.R.O. sports- both playing and coaching, so he was well equipped for his work in Zambia. Returning from Zambia, Solomon chose to reapply for the CROSO scholarship in 2013 and again he was selected. He began his studies in Business Administration at the Uganda Christian University in Mbale in September. We are delighted to sponsor Solomon as he moves towards his goals. He is a disciplined and hardworking person who has clear values and wants to give back to his community.

Solomon graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a focus in marketing on November 18, 2016.