CROSO Board and Staff


Executive Committee

These board members serve on the leadership team for the board of directors, overseeing the larger board and helping to shape the vision of the organization.

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Beth Garstki Lampson

CROSO Board President

Service on the CROSO Board: 2012-present

Beth is currently the Associate Director of Finance & Projects at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She has worked in business consulting and in higher education finance and project management, and enjoys applying her business and strategy skills to the CROSO cause. Beth is also Big Sister with Big Brother Big Sister of Metropolitan Chicago, and has therefore witnessed firsthand what a difference encouragement and support can make in a student's life. She is honored to be involved in an organization founded by and for young people, and is excited to help lead CROSO to make a difference in the lives of Uganda's bright young students.

Kyle Lauterhahn

Board Treasurer

Service on the CROSO Board: 2015-present

Kyle works as an Economic Analyst for Smith Economics Group. He knows that education is an asset with life-long returns, which cannot be taken away from an individual. Kyle also serves on the City of Evanston Housing, Homelessness, and Human Relations Commission.


Lisa Hyatt

CROSO President Emeritus

Service on the CROSO Board: 2010-present

Lisa currently works as the Community Engagement Liaison for the Lincoln Park Zoo. Lisa's travel experience (including Malawi, Africa) opened her eyes to the education systems outside the U.S. and to the economic barriers that prevent young people from achieving their educational goals. These experiences lit a passion in her to serve where she is needed. Serving on the board of CROSO is an honor that enables her to do something "small, yet big" for those with a desire to further their education.

Tina 2017.jpg

Tina Nolan


Officer at Large

Service on the CROSO Board: 2014-present

Tina works as a Strategic Consultant for nonprofits and has more than twenty years experience teaching in cultural and academic institutions ranging from nature centers to museums to universities. Tina believes in CROSO's mission and wants to be involved in helping Uganda bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor. CROSO is changing lives for young people who otherwise would have no other option than to return to living in the street.


Members of the Board

These board members passionately dedicate themselves to CROSO's mission. Each serves on at least one committee.




Molly MacCready

Executive Director & Founder

Molly's desire to create CROSO stemmed from her study abroad experience in Uganda in 2006 where she had the opportunity to work with the street children's NGO, Child Restoration Outreach (C.R.O.). Molly went on to receive her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Dayton in 2008 and served for two years as a Marianist Volunteer in Karonga, Malawi. When she returned to the States, she pursued a master's degree in Public Health and graduated from the University of Illinois - Chicago in 2013.

She is grateful to have the support of such a talented and dedicated Board of Directors and looks forward to the continued development of CROSO. Molly is grateful to see the growth of the scholarship program and the impact that access to higher education has had on each scholar, our partner organization (C.R.O.), and the larger Ugandan community.


Past Board Members

We are very grateful for the service of those who have been on our board in the past. We would not be where we are today as an organization without them.

Tom Bertsche

Former Board Member: 2012-2016

While serving on the CROSO Board, Tom was Vice-President of Business development for Camcraft, a manufacturer of engine and fuel system components. He really enjoys working at a company that actually makes things. As an active member of St. Nicholas parish, he participated in a wide range of strategic planning and fundraising initiatives over the past 20 years. Tom and his wife Joanne value and actively support education, and he has had the great pleasure of being involved in his four kids’ education through coaching their school basketball teams.

Cathy Chester

Former Board Member: 2007-2012

Cathy was a teacher in the Archdiocese of Chicago for many years and believes in the empowering value of an education. After experiencing a deep commitment to this project, she readily supported CROSO in whatever way to ensure that our students have a chance to continue their education. Cathy was a founding CROSO Board member.

Julie Collins

Former Board Member: 2007-2013

While serving on the CROSO Board, Julie was the Associate Director of Graduate Admission and Financial Aid for Northwestern University’s Medill School. She has seen the impact of tuition assistance on students’ lives here and knew that it would be multiplied tenfold for students in Uganda. Julie was a founding CROSO Board member.

Margaret Feit Clarke

Former Board Member: 2007-2012

Margaret has worked with immigrant students as a tutor, mentor and advocate. In the lives of so many young people from different parts of the globe, she has witnessed a remarkable passion for learning and success. Collaborating with others to help CROSO youth succeed was a joy for her. Margaret was a founding CROSO Board member.

Marion Flynn

Former Board Member: 2007-2015

Marion Flynn from Evanston, IL., is an active parishioner at St. Nicholas parish in that town and lives with the tension of being a lesbian Catholic called to preach. She is a Northwestern MBA and former SVP with the Bank of America, who has spent the last few years as a fundraiser for a large, interfaith Catholic school in Chicago and for the United Way. She has experience as a board member of several nonprofits, has served as a city commissioner, led her parish council, and currently serves on the board of the Women’s Ordination Conference.  She was inspired by the work of CROSO, by our founders, by our scholars and by the great energy of people who support this great work. Marion was a founding CROSO Board member and served as the first CROSO treasurer.

Bob Heineman

Former Board Member: 2007-2011

Bob Heineman was present in Uganda when CROSO began as the dream of a 20 year old American who thought others should have opportunities to further their education as she had. Yes, he’s the proud dad of Molly MacCready. Bob has been involved in not-for-profit organizing for 45 years. He was the Resources Developer and Chapter Liaison for Call To Action, Catholics working for justice and inclusion. Because of Molly’s lengthy volunteer time in Africa, Bob and Eileen have gotten to visit Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania & Malawi. Quite the experience! They understand why educating young leaders is so important. Bob was a founding CROSO Board member.

Eileen Hogan Heineman

Former Board Member: 2007-2014

Eileen brought a life-long commitment to education to the CROSO Board, with over 30 years as a classroom teacher and/or principal. Her visits to Africa have strengthened her desire to “level the playing field” by providing access to higher education for the young people of Uganda. Eileen is the Manager of the Racial Justice Program for the YWCA/Evanston-North Shore. Eileen was a founding CROSO Board member and served as president of CROSO for two years while Molly was in Malawi.

Edward Kasule

Former Board Member: 2013-2014

Edward was born and raised in Uganda and came to the United States in 1989 on a Rotary International Scholarship. While serving on the board, Edward taught Political Science at Northeastern Illinois University. He saw his involvement with the CROSO Board as an opportunity to give back to Uganda. He served on the Student Selection committee and also helped to introduce the CROSO community to the Ugandan Community in Greater Chicago. Edward’s term was cut short when he was offered a job in St. Louis.

Allen Kakooza

Former Board Member: 2013-2015

Allen came to the United States in 2011 from United Kingdom where she had lived for 11 years. She is a Ugandan native who moved to the UK in search of greener pastures and a better education. While in London she achieved a BSc. in Criminology and a MSc. in International and Community Development Studies. Allen is an active member in her community and supports her police department in restorative justice for troubled youth. Allen is employed by an organization that specializes in international orphan care. It’s Allen’s passion to serve those in need that led her to cross paths with members of the CROSO Board. Since Allen hails from Uganda and has a passion for vulnerable children and Education, CROSO was a great fit and wonderful opportunity for her to lend her cultural knowledge. Allen is grateful to have positively impacted Ugandan communities through the precious gift of education.

Margaret McClory

Former Board Member: 2007-2012

Margaret has been involved in education for many years serving as teacher, principal and teacher educator. The value of education for all ages has been a priority for her and being of assistance to students in developing countries will be an exciting challenge. Margaret was a founding CROSO Board member and served as the first CROSO Secretary.

Omar Salem

Former Board Member: 2012-2017

While on the CROSO Board, Omar was an ELL teacher at Niles North High School. He earned his Bachelor’s in Business Education at Illinois State University. He was also pursuing a Master’s in Reading Education at Benedictine University. Omar served on the Finance Committee and was instrumental in creating a partnership between CROSO and District 219.