Kathy Carey


Middle School Math Teacher, Frances Xavier Warde School

CROSO Board Service: 2015-present
Kathy serves on the Scholar Support Committee.

"Throughout my life in my various roles as daughter and sister, wife and mother, Aerospace Engineer and researcher, student and educator, a couple of things have stood out to me as most likely to make a difference. These are love and support of family, and educational opportunities. Without the former, it is difficult to gain confidence and feel secure. Without the latter it is difficult to make advancements, to earn a living, and to make a difference. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had BOTH of these throughout my life and it is important to me to share these gifts. CROSO provides love and support to our scholars, doing our best to fill a need left by lack of family structure, and we give our scholars a chance to change the course of their lives through higher education."