CROSO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting former street children in Uganda through higher education.

CROSO provides scholarship funds for C.R.O. youth to attend universities, colleges and technical schools in Uganda. Each CROSO scholarship includes tuition, housing, supplies, transportation, graduation fees and a laptop for each Scholar. In addition, CROSO pairs each Scholar with a Liaison (mentor) in the U.S. who provides encouragement, support and helps the Scholar navigate their academic experience.

CROSO is a small organization, but the impact made in each Scholar’s life is huge!


Get Involved with CROSO!

CROSO, Child Restoration Outreach Support Organization, was founded by Molly (Heineman) MacCready in 2007 following her life-changing study abroad experience.

Molly MacCready completed an internship in 2006 with C.R.O.- Child Restoration Outreach– in eastern Uganda during her semester abroad. C.R.O. is a non-governmental organization in Uganda that invites children off the streets and gives them the tools necessary to reintegrate into society. C.R.O. provides the children with food, counseling, access to medical care, finds housing for them and supports them to attend school. During her internship with C.R.O., Molly gained a better understanding of the underlying issues that caused these children to be on the streets. The more Molly learned, the more she admired the dedication of the staff and found herself in awe of the children’s resilience.

At the end of the internship, Molly interviewed many of the street children and staff to find out more about their lives and their experiences with C.R.O. She heard many affirmations of the wonderful services that C.R.O. provides, but also learned about some of C.R.O.’s limitations. When C.R.O. started in the early 1990’s, the children they worked with were all in primary school. As time progressed, their students graduated and moved on to secondary school. In 2006, their students were facing a new challenge: post-secondary education. C.R.O. students were getting accepted to universities and technical schools, but there were not funds to support them, since many of the organizations that help to sponsor C.R.O. children are only interested in primary or secondary school.

Molly shared stories about her activities in Uganda with her community back home in the greater Chicago area and received feedback that people wanted to get involved. That’s when the idea of CROSO was developed. CROSO connects the resources and generosity of donors in the U.S. with the needs of C.R.O.’s secondary school graduates in eastern Uganda. With positive feedback from C.R.O. staff, Molly moved forward with recruiting an amazing group of talented people in the Chicago area who agreed to form the Board of Directors and CROSO was created in 2007!



Do you want to get involved in CROSO’s mission of creating a brighter future for former street children in Uganda? There are plenty of opportunities for you to make an impact!

Share your treasure with CROSO by investing in our Scholars:

  • Here are several giving levels that we encourage because of their associated impact:
    • $2,000: Tuition, housing, fees and supplies for one Scholar for one year
    • $1,000: Tuition, housing, fees and supplies for one Scholar for one semester
    • $500: Laptop and internet access for one Scholar
    • $250: Housing for one Scholar for one year
    • $100: Transportation for one Scholar for one year
  • Donate Now!

Share your talent with CROSO:

  • Join a committee to support CROSO’s work. We currently have 4 committees that you could join:
    • Annual Benefit Committee
    • Development Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Marketing Committee
    • Scholar Support Committee
  • Become a member of CROSO’s Board of Directors! Our board members attend quarterly board meetings and participate on 1-2 of the committees listed above and help provide overall direction for our organization.
  • If you have skills in the following areas, we welcome your expertise:
    • Social media
    • Video editing
    • Grant writing

Share your time with CROSO:

  • Become a mentor (CROSO Liaison) and letter-writer to one of our current/upcoming Scholars. This is a monthly commitment that allows us to get to know our Scholars better and to provide guidance to them.
  • Host an event at your house or business and invite our executive director to speak and share stories about our CROSO Scholars. This is a great way to help us widen our support network and doesn’t require any financial commitment from you! Please email Molly MacCready ( to set up an event like this.
  • Attend one of our events this year and invite a friend to join you. (Events will be shared on our website and Facebook page, so stay tuned!)
  • Like CROSO’s Facebook page and share our posts with your Facebook network!

Please email our Executive Director, Molly MacCready ( if you would like to learn more about any of these opportunities or would like to get more involved!


CROSO is a 501(c)3 organization. 
Tax ID number: 26-1589975