Where is Uganda?

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Street Children in Uganda


  • Conflict/War: There has been conflict in Uganda in the north and the northeast for the past twenty five years. These conflicts caused the deaths of many people including many parents (especially fathers) leaving children with only one parent or orphaned. These two conflicts also incite fear in families which makes them relocate to a big city. Once there, the family cannot find work and therefore they are not able to provide for their families.
  • AIDS: As W. James Jacob, an author in the Journal on Children and Poverty in 2004, wrote, “HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of orphanhood in Africa in general and Uganda specifically.” While the infection rate has gone down in the past ten years in Uganda, the prevalence rate is still quite high. This disease leaves so many children without the proper care.
  • Poverty: In Uganda, approximately 46% of the population lives on less than $1 per day, according to 2001 World Health Organization estimates. With such little income, families have a hard time providing basic needs for all their children.
  • IMG_4368Domestic Violence: Children who witness or experience violence within their homes will sometimes choose to leave home to go to the streets. These children choose to face the unknown perils of street life rather than continue to face the known dangers of living in their homes. (This is a drawing that was hanging up on the walls in C.R.O. in 2013.  It was drawn by one of the C.R.O. rehabilitation class members.)