5 CROSO Highlights of 2016

2016 has been a big year for our CROSO Scholars and for our CROSO community in the U.S. Here are some of our top highlights:

5. CROSO donors are getting involved in new ways!

With a new cohort of CROSO advocates established in Cincinnati, CROSO will be having its first event outside of the Chicago region in the new year! We’re excited about the potential this can have to expand our donor base in a completely new area!

In addition to expanding geographically, we’re also expanding our reach within Chicago by encouraging existing donors to reach out to their networks. We ended the year with a CrowdRise campaign started by two Chicago-area donors to support one specific Scholar, Stella. This is a great way to help CROSO reach out to new networks of people. Please send Molly a message if you’d like to learn more about hosting your own CrowdRise campaign to support a Scholar!

4. CROSO Visit to Uganda!

Staff member, Molly MacCready, and Board member, Sally Ryan, visited Uganda in June of this year. Their visit was filled with gathering information, maintaining (and building) relationships, and continued opportunities for us to learn better ways to support our Scholars. Returning with videos, photos and so many stories, Sally and Molly have helped donors and board members feel more connected to our Scholars in Uganda. Sally wrote a beautiful blog about how the experience changed and challenged her.

3. CROSO Scholars are spreading out around Uganda!

In 2016, our CROSO Scholars were enrolled in 12 different universities! Each of our new Scholars in 2016 chose different institutions than their fellow Scholars. As CROSO’s scholarship program continues to grow, our scholars are pursuing more diverse academic studies and seeking out the best institutions in the country. To read more about each of our Scholars, click here.

2. CROSO hired our first employee this year!

In January, 2016, Molly MacCready was hired as a Part-time Executive Director. In this first year of having an employee, CROSO has created better structures internally and externally that allow us to operate more smoothly. Internally, our committees are more functional and we’ve been able to put better procedures in place for moving issues forward. Externally, we’ve identified policies for addressing Scholar issues, have been more consistent with our monthly communication with Scholars and have made progress on engaging our donors more effectively. We are so grateful for your support as we continue to grow!

1. CROSO is building a strong graduate community!

In 2016, two CROSO Scholars graduated and another two completed their studies with graduation ceremonies planned for 2017! As our graduate numbers increase, we’re seeing a beautifully diverse community of professionals growing in Uganda. We currently have graduates employed as a vice-principal of a high school, branch manager for a micro-credit bank, electrical engineer for a solar panel company, social worker and program officer at C.R.O., and public health educator, to name a few. This group is now able to help network for our younger Scholars as they seek internships and employment. We are so proud to see our graduates finding stability for themselves.



Looking ahead to 2017

The end of 2017 will mark CROSO’s TENTH anniversary as an organization and we are excited to find ways of celebrating that with all of you! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our monthly emails to learn more!

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