New Developments for CROSO

Dear CROSO Supporters,

     I hope that the New Year finds you well! It is amazing to think of the growth of CROSO in the past nine years. We have seen CROSO go from serving one student with the passion of a young organization to serving over a dozen students with the capacity of a mature, far-sighted organization.  Our development has led us to make a very strategic decision to hire an executive director so that we may continue to grow and reach our vision of providing scholarships for ALL qualified students.  It is an honor to serve as the new President of the Board, and inspiring to think of the future of CROSO under the leadership of Molly MacCready as the newly hired Executive Director.

     Going forward, Molly will continue to lead us in new ways and we, as the board of directors, will be there to support and guide her and our students in all ways possible.  We are grateful for your support of our mission of providing post-secondary education scholarships to former street children in Uganda.  We look forward to deepening our relationships with all of our supporters.  If you have any questions or would like to talk about additional ways to support CROSO, please do not hesitate to reach out to Molly or myself.  

Lisa Hyatt
CROSO Board President



Molly MacCready, Executive Director of CROSO

Lisa (1)

Lisa Hyatt, CROSO Board President

Saying “Yes” in 2016

Last year, we had the joy of seeing the most CROSO Scholars graduate! With four graduations and another Scholar completing his studies, we can now say that we’ve supported 14 former street children to complete their higher education! THANK YOU! We couldn’t do that without your generosity.

2015 grads

One thing that makes this particular group unique is that all five were individually supported. By that we mean that each Scholar’s entire education (tuition, housing, meals, books, supplies, etc) were provided by a specific person, family or company. Not only does this make a life-changing difference for the scholar being sponsored, it also makes a significant impact on our organization. Individual Scholar support allows us to say, “yes” to more deserving Scholars knowing that we will be able to fulfill our commitment to each one.


If you are thinking to yourself that this is too great a commitment for someone like you, I want you to take a moment to really think about this opportunity. These five students have been able to achieve degrees and diplomas in higher education as a result of individuals and families like you.

1. Three of these students were supported by a mid-size corporation who made a commitment of donating annually for four years. This came as the result of one of our supporters asking his company to invest in a cause that was important to him.

2. One public school teacher in her 20s acknowledged the importance of CROSO’s mission and made a one-time donation large enough to support a scholar for her entire three year course at university.

3. One couple attended a CROSO fundraiser and heard about one of the applicants from that year who had absolutely been qualified, but CROSO lacked the funds to support him. They approached us in the weeks following the benefit to say that they had thought it over and wanted to support him.

We are now facing the reality of a new year and many new Scholars. Less than half of our current Scholars have individual supporters and in another six months we’ll be looking to accept next year’s new scholarship class. If you would be interested in sponsoring a CROSO Scholar, or co-sponsoring a CROSO Scholar, please let us know! On average, an individual supporter donates $2,000 per year for 3 years. This covers the CROSO Scholar’s tuition, housing, meals, books, supplies, etc.

This year would be a great year to say “Yes” to supporting CROSO in such a meaningful and substantial way!

Contact CROSO by emailing or by calling (224) 616-2767.
All donations are tax deductible.


Beer & Buy event!

Ten Thousand Villages Event (1)

Join the CROSO Board at our annual
Ten Thousand Villages shopping event
on Thursday, December 3 from 6:30-9pm!

This year, we’ll also be offering complimentary beer donated by Sketchbook Brewing Company. So meet us at the Ten Thousand Villages in Evanston, have a drink, browse the fair trade merchandise and support CROSO!

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2015
Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm
Location: Ten Thousand Villages, Evanston – 719 Main Street

15% of all purchases will be donated to CROSO!

“CROSO is personal”

Today’s post comes from one of CROSO’s Board of Directors, David Matanda. David grew up in Mbale, Uganda– the very community where CROSO’s partner (C.R.O.) is located. As he shares his family history, it’s clear that David and his family are keenly aware of the power education has to change an individual’s life path and also to help eradicate poverty in a community. Now David is carrying on that legacy! CROSO is so grateful for David’s leadership and support on the CROSO board.


My names are David Matanda, I am proud to be a son of Late Hon. Edward Kamana Wesonga who was a member of the 7th parliament representing one of the constituencies in Mbale called Bubulo West. I  was born and raised in Mbale town, found in Eastern Uganda. Mbale is a town known to have quite a number of street kids who are known to welcome tourists and help with carrying luggage and giving directions to tourists in and around the municipality.

I was fortunate enough to have had a home to go to and very grateful to my parents who could afford to educate me in good schools that my father never afforded to go to. My father himself was an orphan at the age of eleven, my grandmother was illiterate, ‘knowing nothing nor to read or write’. A chief in my village saw a lot of wisdom in my father and after my grandfather had passed away, the chief went around soliciting scholarships to enable my father to start school at the age of eleven. Therefore my father depended on scholarships to earn him the education that his parents never had.

While in parliament my father advocated for service delivery by creating districts and his constituency happened to be the first (or among the first) to be given district status and the first street was named in his names. He wanted to eradicate poverty through education by bringing services close to the unfortunate people. He gave out scholarships to the poor, constructed the first high school in his village as a way to give back and that high school has been one of the best performing in the region and followed by others. Unfortunately my father died in a motor accident in 2007 along Jinja Kampala highway before he had accomplished his dreams.

Imagine growing up as a child with no home, no future, no dream and not knowing whether you will eat day by day through your childhood. ’That’s a life of a street child in Uganda’. I am so grateful to Molly and all the Angels of CROSO for the Godly work we are doing in Uganda by giving that dream and future to Uganda’s street children.

To me, as you now know, CROSO is personal.

Thank you and God bless you.